June - July 2010 Journey

1. Artists in a State of Anxiety
2. Building a Yellow Light Commonwealth

3. Transnationalism in Transition (A Tracing)
4. History and Narration
5. Historical Void, Memory and Archive
6. Walking on The Trail
7. Artists Eight Points July 2010
8. Artists Thirteen Points 2010


1. Proposed topics by Lu Xinghua
2. Proposed topics by Zheng Bo
3. Proposed topics by Johnson TZ Chang
4. On the Ho Chi Minh Trail by Gao Shiming

5. How Can Artists be Politically Radical? by Lu Xinghua

Long March Education June 2009

1. Long March Failure, conversation with Lu Jie
2. Presentation by Nguyen Nhu Huy
3. Context of Ho Chi Minh Trail Project & its Discursive Production by Wang Yang
4. Presentation by Jung Won Kim
5. ACTION AS CATHARSIS: Kim Jones by Francesca Sonora
6. Presentation Rattana Vandy
7. Summary of Week 1
8. Summary of Week 2

Reading list
A collective and ongoing textual imagination of topics that arise from examining the facts and metaphors from the occurrence of the ‘Ho Chi Minh Trail’ – if you have suggested reading, please email: lm@longmarchspace.com

1. The Question 'How' and the Transformation from Acting to Action, Exhibition curated by Nguyen Nhu Huy (pdf)
2. Marching out of step by Zoe Butt. Published in ‘Artlink’. Vol. 29 no. 2, 2009. (pdf)
3. Interview between Zoe Butt and Erin Gleeson and gives insight into the cultural context of working in Cambodia today, in relation to the broader motivations of the project and its desire to create more constructive dialog between China, Vietnam and Cambodia. (PDF)