Drawing inspiration from the project’s textual and visual documentations, interconnected resources, and physical experiences of walking the Ho Chi Minh trail, the project will present a series of rehearsals realized as different chapters of a theatre. These performances/actions will be organized as simultaneous or staggered events in various locations.

In collaboration with the Shanghai Biennale, Act I of the ‘Rehearsal’ will make a case study of the Ho Chi Minh Trail to verify the idea of ‘cultural creation’, and to explore the significance of the paradigm shift from ‘creation’ to ‘rehearsal’. This rehearsal will be an opportunity to exchange artworks and ideas in China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. The rehearsal will also be a chance to discuss the role of art and ideas in redefining the nexus of ‘self-history-society’.



Long March Project--Ho Chi Minh Trail Rehearsal Act I

Future acts to be announced soon...