Initiated by the Long March Project, Ho Chi Minh Trail aims to be a collaborative contemporary arts project in the implementation of physical, discursive, and artistic activities between China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

This project aims to involve multiple individuals (visual artists, writers, historians, film makers, performers, musicians etc), artistic organizations and institutions (public and private) from across this region and its diaspora. Discussions, lectures, public forums, informal screenings of historical and contemporary visual material, new art works, performances, new imaginings, new texts - all will be created, shared, exhibited, documented, and distributed, in the spirit of artistic exchange that is recognized as foundationally paramount to the crucial relationship between culture and contemporary society.

Long March Project begun with a grand historical narrative in 2002 and continued in the following eight years as an ongoing investigation of critical discourse surrounding art and culture. Today the project places its focus specifically on the disguised spaces that reveal political economics of visual culture. The geographical and historical complexities of the Ho Chi Minh Trail presents the route as an ideal metaphor for engaging with and constructing a new interrelational reality between Southeast Asia, China, and other communities in the world.

The Ho Chi Minh Trail project calls for a questioning of fixed relations of social production as determined by ideas of history, identity, market logic and subconscious effects of geographical imposed divide. The tangible elements of the project will include dialogue, artistic production, physical experience, and other forms of feeling to reach a state of baiganjiaoji, literally meaning ‘a multitude of feelings.’ This process of following through intellectual, physical, and interactive re-sensitizations will transform the act of acting into actual action.

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