Knowledge of the Ignorant

This is a database of information collected by participants and interested persons, with considered focus on documentation, memories, and issues relevant to the Ho Chi Minh Trail. The growing database is an ongoing construction and will be finally uploaded online as an open resource akin to an online encyclopedia.

This database has the following characteristics:

1) Cross-region. Gathered information will include, but not be restricted to, the Ho Chi Minh Trail, Southeast Asia, their visual cultures, and other material provided by local and international

2) Cross-media. There is no limit to the form of submitted information. Accepted materials have
included: text, sound, moving or still images.

3) The database will also include material amassed from the physical journey of the Ho Chi Minh Trail in June 2010

4) The database is an ongoing construction and its organic developments will not be predetermined by any particular phase of the project.


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